Children's Center
The Children’s Center within the Shelter is open year round for the children of all ages who accompany their mothers to the Shelter. These youngsters, who have lived all their short lives in the shadow of violence and terror, have not been prepared in advance for the sudden uprooting from their familiar surroundings and are frightened, confuse and vulnerable. For them, the reassuring atmosphere of this unique facility provides a nurturing, educational and therapeutic framework.

Woman to Woman opened the on-site Children’s Center almost immediately after the Shelter itself was founded. Every year some 140 children – infants through adolescents – make use of the Center, which is open every day from 8 in the morning until 6 in the evening, staffed by a professional team of counselors and educators. The children are divided into three age groups – 0-3; 3-6; and 6+. Upon arrival at the Shelter, every child is assessed and an individual program is developed for him or her. Emphasis is placed on providing appropriate channels for expressing anger, fear and frustration. Whenever possible, help with schoolwork is provided to help the children reach the standard of their peers. By fostering the children’s self-esteem, we seek to help them cope with the trauma of the past as they turn to a better future.
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