The Shelter provides immediate practical aid and emotional counseling for battered women and children at risk in a caring and supportive environment. Beyond providing immediate refuge and practical assistance – food, clothing and accommodation, child care, health care – Woman to Woman’s Shelter offers a safe environment in which women who have been the victims of abuse can regain a measure of control over their lives.

The Shelter can house up to 15 women and 30 children at any given time. About 70 women and 140 children pass through its doors every year, staying for an average of 4-5 months. To ensure that their safety is not compromised, the Shelter’s residents must be referred to us by social welfare authorities, hospitals, emergency centers and the police. They come from all over the country; they are as young as 18 or as old as 70, alone or accompanied by their children.

They are religious and secular Jews, Christian and Muslim Arabs, new immigrants and veteran Israelis, all sharing a history of domestic violence and repression. Our primary goal is to help them try to fill emotional voids, reassemble their lives and leave the cycle of violence behind them. The basic framework to achieve this goal is a personally adapted “empowerment program” combining group and individual counseling to increase self-esteem, improve life skills and work proficiency, enhance parenting, and encourage self-sufficiency. Experienced professional staffers are joined by dedicated volunteers who contribute their time and talents to enriching the residents’ stay at the Shelter.

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