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 My Family": Children of the Shelter Draw their Families"
The drawings before you were made by youngsters in our Children’s Center. As part of the regular diagnostic processes, the childcare staff asked them to draw their families, giving them no specific guidelines. The accompanying captions are the children’s own words about their drawings.

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  Fragments of Life - Five Viewpoints

 This exhibition is the outcome of a cooperative effort between Woman to Woman and its Shelter for Battered Women in Jerusalem, and a group comprising five photographers and one curator, Noga Arad-Elon of the Jerusalem Theater, which hosted the exhibition. The photographers visited the Shelter over a period of several weeks, breathed in its unique atmosphere, got to know the women and children and, with their camera lenses, captured moments in the lives of the residents and the staff. Our gratitude goes to the volunteers photographers: Anat Gal, Anat Dizian, Rivka Hille Lavian, Carmela Keet and Vered Sadot.
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